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Within weeks Capponi had architectural plans ready, as well as a rendering of how the new Jacmel might look. Next he began bringing families from his tent camp in Port-au-Prince to a new camp in Jacmel financed by the United Way and the Miami-Dade County League of Cities.

Capponi’s project has since mushroomed into a plan to redevelop the city and the surrounding coastline, involving a group of American and Haitian activists and entrepreneurs, all united in the quest to rebrand the country as a hip tourist destination.

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If Michael is going to rebuild one building, he should go all the way! I’m glad to see that is what he plans to do. I just hope that the local government doesn’t get in the way. I’ve heard a lot about the corruption in Haiti’s government, and situations like that are really hard to make the best of. If Michael isn’t careful, it could all come undone in a tangled mess of bribes and bureaucracy. But something tells me he’s smart enough to know that, and cut through all the red tape and underhanded dealers that would try to get in his way. It’s heart breaking to know that people would try to make themselves rich off of the suffering of others and take advantage of good-natured people. But it’s comforting to know that people who are already wealthy like Michael Capponi are there to balance the scales and do the right thing.